Sorry for the radio silence…

Hi there

Well it’s been a while, so my my apologies for the lack of action on this website.


Recent work:  Breath is a collaborative new media piece I worked on with Donna Maree Robinson. Donna came up with the visual concept and I created a sound scape to accompany it. This piece was entered in the 2012 Screengrab New Media Awards, and although it was not the winner was selected as an exhibited work.

Here is an excerpt from 2012 Screengrab New Media Arts Awards:  ‘ Australian artists also featured prominently in the judges feedback including Donna Maree Robinson and Fiona Bishop-Vuibeqa, whose work investigates the meeting point between the realism of human sensuality and stark digital technology, Benjamin Ducroz, Points in Space which represents cycles of repetition by responding to the flow of traffic in Melbourne’s CBD as well as Stephen Lance’s 3D science fiction inspired video. Armor.’

Breath is also soon to be exhibited at Brunswick Street Gallery….