About Me


Artist Fiona Bishop-VuibeqaMy memories and experiences in life are often defined through the sounds that I hear. Having grown up in Mackay I have a deep connection to this region, and after exploring many places across the globe, I chose to return and settle here.

My art practice has evolved as an exploration to find the connections hiding within difference. Although our experiences and opinions may vary there will always be some link that binds us together.

As a sound installation artist and a community and arts development worker I place a great deal of value in collaborations and the process followed when working creatively. I believe that with a quality process there will always be quality outcomes.

The breadth of ideas generated and the relationships built while collaborating on a project deepens the level in which communities can work.

Over the years I have benefited from many wonderful diversions and unexpected results, that have lifted the meaning and enjoyment of the outcomes generated during projects I have been involved in.

For people who wish to work creatively in a collaborative environment I recommend the ABC POOL website, a social network of creatives who like to share their work.

Link to my page on ABC POOL:  http://pool.abc.net.au/users/fiona-bishop